Where to build a pond

large pondThe first thing you need to decide if you want to build a pond is where in the garden to build the pond. There are both practical and esthetical issues to consider when you are planning a pond. You want to choose a spot that is going to allow you to build a pond that requires as little care as possible while at the same time looking as beautiful as possible in your garden. Below we are going to look at how to choose the best possible spot for your pond. I recommend that you decide where you want to build your pond first and the size of the pond when you know where to put it. If you are dead set on a pond of a certain size then you need to take that into consideration when choosing where to build your pond.

If you have your heart set on building your pond in a certain spot then you can, of course, do that but you need to be aware that you might face some extra challenges if the spot is unsuitable for a pond. You might have to spend more time maintaining and cleaning the pond than you would in another spot. You might also have to use a larger filter to keep it clean. All these extra challenges can be resolved.

Avoid the front of the house

I do not recommend that you build a pond on the front side of your house. Doing so might look good from the road but will not allow you to enjoy the pond as much as you would if you placed in a more secluded spot. It will also be a lot harder to attract animals to a pond that is in the front of the house and closer to the road. If you do attract animals then these animals will face a higher risk of being killed in traffic (something that might cause accidents.). I strongly recommend that you build your pond on the back side of your house. You will not regret it.

This does of course not apply if you have a very large lot far from any trafficated road. In that case, you can place the pond where ever you want.

natural pond

Avoid building too close to your house

Try to avoid building the pond next to the house. It will not look as good and can potentially cause problems with the house if the ponds start leaking. If this happens water might seep into your basement. I recommend that you keep a minimum distance of 6 ft from your house. 15 ft is better. A pond will look better if you can plant around it.

At the back of the garden

My preferred spot for building a pond is at the back of the garden so that it is visible from the entire back garden. If you place it in the back than you can heavily plant the area behind the pond with one or two trees (or bamboo) as well as a lot of bushes. This will make the pond very attracted to a lot of animals and make it seems like it is located in a clearing in the forest. You can make it seem like your garden is bordering a forest. This can be very calming for your soul. Plant the sides with lower plants and flowers, keep the front empty so that you can see the water. A natural pond usually looks best at the back of the garden.

At the deck

modern pondAnother option is to build the pond right by the deck. This can give your garden a very modern Asian feel. If you build a pond near the deck then you should usually choose to build a square pond. In will look better against the deck. A natural pond often looks out of place if you place it right by the deck.

Avoid direct sun

Try to find a shaded spot for your pond. It will be a lot harder to keep the pond free of algae if it is hit by direct sunlight. Make sure that the pond is shaded from the midday sun.

Chose a calm spot

You are going to want to relax by the pond. You should, therefore, make sure to build the pond in a calm quiet spot. Try to place it as far as roads and other disturbances as possible.